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Managing sometimes dozens or hundreds of bills is time consuming and can be maddeningly complex. The challenge is even more complex time consuming and costly if you need to enter that data into a certification database like ENERGY STAR. Utility Bill Managment is a crucial part of any itellegence software EIS solution because it takes the data out of spreadsheets and make it accessable by other back office financial and operational systems that are required for better planning.
EMC Energy Solutions can assist with the software streamlines management of your utility bills and provide extensive online energy tracking and trending capabilities. Studies show that two percent of bills contain errors, and utility bill management software provides improved transparency to help you track cost figures and potentially identify mistakes.
EMC Energy Solutions can assist with and help create custom dashboards of your key indicators to quickly asses progress and identify anomalies.



Easily identify energy outliers and benchmark buildings against internal peer groups and prioritise opportunities for efficiency improvements based on relative building performance

Report on sustainabilty and efficency methods

Caculate carbon footprint for a single site or global portfolio.
Push data to portfolio manager account for automated ENERGY STAR scores and comply with emerging local and state energy legislation
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Streamline organisational process

Track usage and cost across multiple commodities and
centralize utility data across facilities and locations
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Reduce the likelyhood of accounting errors

Breakdown organisational silos: create transparency between procurement, accounts payable, and sustainability stakeholders
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Identify bill errors and saving potential

Verify bill accuracy with up to sixty six audits and checks
Automatically spot utility bill errors and mitigate overcharges
Track identified and achieved savings across entire portfolio
Compare utility bill data to energy consumption
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